Uniquely Wired-Coaching Individuals with ADHD

Supporting individuals with ADHD through heart led conversations,

humour and compassion to make lasting and meaningful changes

in their lives.

-Do you find communication difficult?

-Do you find your personal and professional life caught up in chaos and confusion?

-Do you ruminate on negative thoughts?

-Do you feel like you're sometimes living a parallel existence to others around you where you have always 'just felt different' to everyone else and how they go about their daily lives?

Guess what?

You are not alone.


An estimated 2.8% of adults around the world have ADHD. 

Maybe you were diagnosed as a child or adult or have yet to be diagnosed, chances are you've encountered hundreds of incidents and negative messages every day as you navigated a world designed for neurotypical people.

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Siun Prochazka - Uniquely Wired ADHD Coaching Email: siun@uniquelywiredcoaching.com  

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